The Offbeat (2016), Marker, Color pencil, and Paper, 11x14 inches
Garment: The Offbeat Apparel Collection (2016), Wool Knit, Cotton, and Sportswear Charcoal Stretch Satin

To be offbeat is to be different. Unusually, different in a way in which you stand out among the crowd. Unusual and different will always differ from others unusual. I examine what makes a particular object, person, and or place unusual or offbeat. I explore my idea of my offbeat through the manipulation of size, proportion, balance, and shape. I use those basic elements to create a collection of fashion illustrations that demonstrates my unusual, my offbeat. I utilize those elements and incorporate them into what I believe to be unusual in nature, in shape, and texture. I discovered that the beehive had just the right amount of balance and the right amount of strangeness when combine into the honey cone shape that then forms into another shape and creates the beehive. I began searching for the beehive in other forms and objects. I keyed in on some architectural representations of the beehive from a few of Chicago’s, buildings, landscapes, and public art. In unearthing this connection of the beehive to the buildings I utilized images of the buildings, landscapes,and public art as well as images of knits and other women’s wear and collaged them into my illustration to manipulate, shape, size, and proportion. The Offbeat is a manipulation of the elements and principles of art and a combination of different textures stacked onto other textures in the illustrations and designs.


©2018 Shaqui Reed