Spiritual Warriors (2015), Marker, Color Pencil, On Paper, 11x14 inches

"Spiritual Warriors," collection of fashion illustrations are formed around a tribe that does not exist in today’s society, however will exist in the "future." This tribe is a group of spiritual warriors who believe that the earth will be taken over by a higher being, or supernatural forces. These supernatural forces are evil spirits that are no longer among the living and can reincarnate themselves in the human flesh. These spiritual warriors are angels brought down from heaven to protect the earth and restore order. The totem pole acts as a spiritual aspect and is a part of these warrior’s identity and battle garments. The warriors are each different in design characteristics as with the totem poles each spiritual animal, person, or god are different as well. Each of the warriors represents a different spirit. Native Americans believed that each animal represented a spirit and that the higher up on the pole, the more powerful the spirit. Not only do I utilize the spiritual aspect of the totem poles in my illustrations, but I also utilize formal features of the totem pole such as balance, color, layering and stacking. I use these features through the use of shape, layering, and mimicking the spiritual poles.


This list of numbers corresponds to the illustrations (as it should be viewed left to right) and is the spiritual animals each warrior is depicted as:

(1) Crab- Good luck, moves sideways, savvy, unorthodox, relaxed, cycles.

(2) Scorpion- transforming, strong, inspiring, chaotic, passionate, altered perception, death and rebirth, seduction.

(3) Armadillo- Safety, grounded, sensitivity to attack, strong boundaries, trusting, reclusive, neutral, peaceful.

(4) Butterfly- Metamorphosis, transformation, balance, grace, ability to accept change, lightness, soul, vulnerability.

(5) Dragon-. Longevity, richness, prosperity, infinity, wisdom, power, fiery, mythic.

(6) Hummingbird- Messenger, timelessness, healing, warrior, energy, vitality, infinity, affection, playfulness.

 (7) Alligator- Eternal, revenge oriented, quickness, aggression, stealth, efficiency, basic survival instincts.

(8) Bull- Insight into the past, fertility, raw expression, rushing into things, confidence, strength, provision.


©2018 Shaqui Reed