CASE: F1848 ( 2013), Fabric, Wood, and Wire

Audre Lorde’s – The Master’s tools will never dismantle the Master's house, discussed a divide between white and black women, how the feminist movement have not moved past racism, even though the whole point of this movement is to unite women. She went to a women’s conference, was the only black person in attendance and realized, “wow, how are we supposed to be strong in society if we can’t be here together?” How do we expect society to accept women if we don’t accept each other? “As women, we have been taught either to ignore our differences, or view them as a cause for separation and suspicion rather than a force for change.’’

Case:F1848, is a representation of this idea. I wanted to physically bridge the gap between women. The bridge gaps the betrayal, rejection, failure and any differences between women. The bridge represents all of Audre Lorde’s concerns about women, but in my approach I am actually building that structure. Women must realize that the differences are not bad things but, the driving force behind change. The differences present in women can be used to start new creative structures and open doors to positive evolution. Women are stronger in society together the differences shouldn’t matter. I wanted to create change. The bridge represents unity. Bridges are gestures of connections; they are created to connect to different things. This bridge decreases the differences and difficulties, reducing the difference between race, gender, and sexual orientation. This bridge represents support, a platform, a bond, a link, to all women rather African American, Asian,Caucasian or Hispanic. These wearable sculpture reflects my feelings of terror-how deeply separation between women hurts me. In these wearable sculptureI am using the women’s bodies to bridge the gap of tormented history. I am using their bodies to make a connection.


©2018 Shaqui Reed