Senior Thesis: Mended (2018), Denim.

Boro is a Japanese textile that developed from necessity rather than as a luxury. The term Boro means ragged and tattered. This textile was created by Japan’s poor class, made by hand by people who were too poor to buy new clothes. These cloths had a profound effect on me. The emotions the rags expressed are those of sorrow and grief. None of them tell you of a happy moment from their wear. I clung to this idea, I wanted to examine the issues of poverty. I allow this collection to examine areas of imperfections expressed by irregularity, incompleteness, rawness, and simplicity. Mended is about finding beauty in somewhat of an ugly place. It is about changing the idea that poverty is “ugly,” It highlights the wastefulness we so often take part in. It’s about being resourceful, creative, and innovative. I demonstrate through the use of fabrics, patch work, stitches, and rawness my resourcefulness. This collection focuses on street wear silhouettes and street wears DIY aspect as it draws parallels to that of Boro. While utilizing maps of Japan’s poverty areas, the collection uses abstract images of the maps, through textiles, stitch lines, and prints.


©2018 Shaqui Reed