Bushido Code-Mind Over Matter (2016/17), Marker, Color pencil, and Paper, 11x14 inches Series

"Bushido Code," is about the brain’s response to fear as it relates to the Japanese Bushido code and the state of mind of a person suffering from bipolar disorder. I contend that two are connected. The Bushido code entails controlling how fear is perceived. A master of the Bushido code can mentally eliminate the body’s response to fear, and display fearlessness toward the enemy in battle. Practitioners of the Bushido code are able to transcend the natural human impulse of flight. Similarly, people with Bipolar disorder in the manic phase tend to be fearless, they take risks and suffer from paranoia; they do not respond typically to fear because the flight response is delayed or absent. Mentally speaking people with bipolar disorder when experiencing mania and the bushido warrior when in battle, both mentally eliminate fear from the brain and control the body’s natural response of flight. Visually this translates to protection of the body and mind; not allowing anything to become too close. My collection is designed to embrace and protect the wearer.


©2018 Shaqui Reed